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three officials from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government called on the whole of society to suppo▓rt the government and say "no" to violence.No one can use their political ideals or dissa▓tisfaction with the government as an excuse to blatantly break the law, Chief Secretary for Administration Matthew

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Cheung Kin-ch▓ung said at the Legislative Council inquiry on Wednesday.The recent violence in Hong Kong has been severe and widespread, and it would not be acce▓ptable in any civilized society, Cheung said. The violence has blocked people's way to work and school, deprived them of their freedom of m

ovement and posed a serious threat to the whole co▓mmunity, he said."Violence is pushing Hong Kong toward the abyss," he added.Cheung reiterated that the government will firmly support the police in quelling violence, and called on the public to stay away from illegal assemblies.For the third straight day, protesters disrupted traffic across Hong Kong. Service al

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ong two rail lines was forced to shut down completely and a dozen stations were closed.Only 100 of th▓e 650 franchised bus routes could offer limited service on Wednesday, said S▓ecretary for Transport and Housin

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